At the right time

There’s no need to be impatient.

Just like flowers know when to open their petals.

Just like mulberry leaves become a silk gown with time and patience.

It all takes time.

Nature never ripen in the wrong season.

So all what you do is stay calm, and keep going within.

Love blooms only when you’re fully in love with yourself.
Otherwise most likely that’s a “test” that you’d have to pass.

Clarity takes time and lessons, so passing tests are not “failing”.

After all that tests you’ll know what it all takes, so you’ll step forward with that clarity.

That’s when you get ready to bloom.

Keep goin’ with the flow.

Not to anywhere outside but to the center of your personal universe.

May your practice will bring you clarity, confidence, strength, kindness, and internal love that eventually leads you to the love you want from others.